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Seagull Boomerang V2

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Resplendent in a new colour scheme the Boomerang V2’s huge wing area and semi-sy...
Resplendent in a new colour scheme the Boomerang V2s huge wing area and semi-symmetrical section offer the learner pilot easy and forgiving flight characteristics and, when the time comes, a capable aerobatic performance too. No matter how experienced you might be, everyone needs a trainer in their fleet if only for the days when all you fancy doing are gentle circuits and bumps and maybe some lazy aerobatics. What's more it's always good to have a model that you can press into service when newcomers arrive for a trial flight.

Versatile, tough, and pretty with it, the Boomerang V2 is an aeroplane youll love from the outset, not least because its factory-built, beautifully covered, and crisply decorated. Add a high lift D-box Clark Y wing section, a 3/4 aluminium wing joiner thatll withstand all manner of abuse, note its optional trike / taildragger undercarriage option, and you begin to realise the huge appeal of this evergreen classic. In all honesty, you have to question why you havent got one already.

4 channel RC with 4 servos
Approx flying weight - 2.6-2.8kg (5.7-6.1lb)
Length - 43.7ins (111cm)
Skill level - beginner
Suits - 40-46 2-stroke. (52 4-stroke)
Wing area - 39.5sq.dm (612 sq.ins)
Wing section - Semi-symmetrical
Wingspan - 155cm (61ins)

4 channel RC with 4 servos Approx flying weight: 2.6-2.8kg (5.7-6.1lb) Length: 43.7ins (111cm) Skill level: beginner Suits: 40-46 2-stroke. (52 4-stroke) Wing area: 39.5sq.dm (612 sq.ins) Wing section: Semi-symmetrical Wingspan: 155cm (61ins) Includes Electric Conversion parts
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