Seagull Decathlon 60-80cc (122in)

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A large-scale fully aerobatic model of Xtreme Decathlon N62FE
When the Champion Aircraft Corporation introduced the mildly aerobatic Citabria (airbatic - spelt backwards) in 1964 pilots fell in love with its handling and flight envelope but it wasn't long before they craved an aeroplane with even more potential. Capable of sustaining stresses of +5 to -2g 'outside' manoeuvres were simply not possible so Champion set about designing something to satisfy.

Rolling off the production line in 1970 the 8KCAB Decathlon was capable of sustaining aerobatic stresses of between +6g and -5g and, accordingly, was an instant hit.

Modelled on Xtreme Decathlon N821EF, beautifully detailed and with an impressive 122 wingspan, Seagull has excelled itself with this large scale fully aerobatic 60-80cc aerobat. Fully stressed for advanced and 3D aerobatics this beautifully finished model comes built and covered to Seagull's exacting standards, with some lovely scale touches to boot. Look forward to a hinged cockpit door, scale struttery, beautifully painted and finished glass fibre parts (including cowl and spats), acres of cockpit space, a fully sprung tail wheel, lights, flaps, bracing wires, fixtures, fittings and soft furnishings... Okay, scratch the soft furnishings. Anyway, you get the idea, Seagull's 60-80cc Decathlon is a lovely, lovely thing.

Key Features

Lightweight, high quality balsa and plywood construction.
Beautifully covered in genuine Oracover film.
Factory painted fibreglass engine cowl and wheel spats.
Cockpit detailing with lightweight painted pilot and seat backs.
Hinged cockpit door for easy radio access.
Sensational fully aerobatic / 3D flying characteristics.
Plug-in wing panels simplify transportation and field assembly.
Rugged and flexible undercarriage.
Flap equipped.
Crystal clear cockpit glazing.
Steerable / fully sprung tail wheel.
Wing tip lights.
Servos: 7 channels 9 servos
Cowling diameter - 270mm

What's in the Box

1x Factory assembled and covered fuselage.
1x Factory assembled and covered 2-piece wing set.
1x Factory assembled and covered tail set.
1x Pre-made and painted wing strut set.
1x Pre-painted pilot figure
2x Cockpit seat backs.
1x Factory painted glass fibre cowl.
1x Factory painted glass fibre wheel spat set.
1x Comprehensive hardware pack (screws, horns, pushrods, fuel tank etc.).
1x Steerable, sprung tail wheel unit.
1x Rugged sprung undercarriage.
2x Lightweight wheels.
2x LED wing tip lights.
1x Comprehensive instruction manual.

Wingspan (mm): 3099 Wing Area: 2487.8 (160.5 dm²) Weight: 26.4 - 27.4 lbs (12.5 - 13 kg) Length: 84.6 in (215.0 cm) Engine/Motor size: 60-85 cc Servo: 7 channels 9 servos
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