Weston UK Capiche 52 DEAL West Eurotech 52 T2 & Genesis Mini Pipe

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ARTF Model with I.C. engine and pipe
he new Capiche 52 has a two piece wing for easy transportation. With its superb new light ply and balsa construction the Capiche 52 is extremely light and strong and amazingly agile for its size making it ideal for experienced aerobatic pilots and even for the first time low wing trainer with the rates lowered. The wing section is in-line with the stabilizer for un-coupled knife edge and superb upright high alpha manoeuvres. With the provision for electric in place utilizing the air scoops provided and the necessary cut away cooling areas in the airframe and electric motor box makes this a beautiful electric plane on 5 cell lipos. For easy install we have a top opening hatch which gives easy access to servos and tank / battery tray and also included pre installed tubes for the closed loop control wires which makes it very easy to install. The Capiche 52 will perform great hovering aerobatics and combined with the recommended West Eurotech 52T1 and Genesis Mini pipe makes this an unbeatable package.

Motor and Pipe included

Wingspan 1575mm Length 1650mm Weight 2.8Kgs Servo's 5 Engine 52T1 2 Stroke engine and Genesis Mini pipe included
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