Ultrafly Decathlon ARF model inluding Brushless motor

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Ultrafly Decathlon ARF model inluding Brushless motor
Please note orginal manual is not included but a step by step guide is included as produced by an online review

The Super Decathlon is a derivative of Bellanca Aircraft's Citabria of the 1960's and has a rich history with far too much detail to give here. Ultrafly's Super Decathlon is exemplary of a reproduction meant to make many of us more than willing to invest in this sport and to relive so many experiences of years past through RC.

Ultrafly's Decathlon is a balsa covered ARF. No building is required for the wings, empennage or fuselage. Ultrafly has done a great job of actually making an ARF live up to the classification.

Kit Contents:

Pre-covered one-piece 43" wing with aileron servo cut-out
Pre-slotted and trial fitted ailerons, elevator and rudder (fiber hinges)
Pre-painted and drilled cowling
Pre-covered flat (non-airfoiled) tail and horizontal stabilizer with elevator and rudder pre-fitted
Prop - 9x7 - plus spinner, prop adapter and necessary hardware
Pre-painted wheel pants
Aluminum gear strut
Lightweight main wheels and tail wheel
Linkages and control horns
Battery compartment with locking cover and pre-installed battery Velcro strap
Brushless Motor

Additional Parts Needed: (NOT INCLUDED)

25 amp programmable ESC
Mini servos
Micro Aileron servo
11.1 3-cell Lipo x 1350 Mah or similar
4-channel receiver
6 inch servo extension
Wingspan: 43.3 in" Wing Area: 2.1 sq. ft. Weight: 24.6- 27.1 oz. Length: 31.9" Wing Loading: 12.9 oz/sq. ft. Servos: Mini servos such as HS-55 & HS81 (Not Included) Transmitter: Not Included Receiver: Not Included Battery: 11.1v 1320 mAh or similar (not included) Motor: Ultrafly Frio 9 (included) ESC: 25 amp (not included)
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