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Tamiya RC 1/16 U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Full-Option

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The M1 Abrams was formally adopted in 1980, and features highly recognizable flat surfaces and angular form, plus a powerful gas turbine engine. It was designed upgrade friendly, and various modifications throughout its service life have seen it remain at the cutting edge of military technology into the present day. One upgraded variant was the M1A1HA, which sported an L/44 120mm smoothbore gun and depleted uranium armor on the turret and hull; the M1A2 evolved this design further with technological enhancements such as the CITV thermal imaging sight, a Position/Navigation System and integrated sights for the commander and the driver. Its IVIS system allows advanced communication and information sharing between friendly vehicles. The M1A2 appeared in 1992 and in 2003 it saw its first action, in operations in Iraq.

About the Model
?This is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit. ?The distinctive form of the M1A2 Abrams is captured with great accuracy. ?Offers a full range of movement, from forward and reverse to a variety of turns, plus turret rotation and gun elevation. ?Firing of the main gun is accompanied by realistic recoil and vehicle kickback. ?Authentic gas turbine engine and firing sounds are coordinated with model actions. ?A plethora of lights are recreated, and can be operated via transmitter. ?Gun barrel control system can be used to keep main gun trained in a direction set via transmitter. ?Compatible with separately sold Battle System.

?A dedicated servo controls gun barrel movement over a range from 5deg depression to 15deg of elevation.
?Gun motion, turret rotation and their speed are transmitter-controlled. Gun raises automatically to avoid hull rear.
?When firing, main gun roars and orange LED in muzzle flashes. Recoil and vehicle kickback occur.
?Turret features cupola-mounted M2 heavy machine gun, rangefinder, CITV, smoke dischargers and more.
?Continuous co-axial machine gun fire is commanded via transmitter, with an orange LED lighting up.
?In addition to headlights, blackout lights are depicted with the use of white LEDs.
?Taillight/brake light and slitted blackout light equivalent are contained in tubular housing.
?Supreme detail is provided by a precision aluminum gun barrel and a fret of photo-etched parts.
?Rear mounted gearbox employs two type 540 motors providing sufficient power at any speed range.
?An extensive roster of metal parts: lower hull, drive sprockets, suspension arms and front arms.
?Pre-assembled resin tracks use metal pins and durable die-cast connectors, plus built-in rubber pads.
?Turret houses equipment such as turret rotation unit, recoil unit, gun elevation servo, and receiver.
Dual 57mm speakers are installed in the lower hull for deep, rich sounds. Volume is adjustable via speaker unit dial or transmitter.

Separately Required Items
?4-channel Transmitter ?Battery pack and charger ?Batteries for transmitter

Specifications ★Length: 615mm, width: 231mm, height: 190mm. (includes M2 machine gun). Weight (approx.): 5,030g. ★Dual speakers emit highly authentic sounds in time with model actions. ★Features Gun Barrel Control system. ★Includes Multi-Function Unit.
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