SMC Cyanotec Super Glue - Foam Safe-Thin (50g)

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Thin Fast Curing Cyno.
cyno is a very low viscosity (5cPs) modified Ethyl Cyanoacrylate adhesive.cyno is suitable for bonding a very wide range of materials, including some porous ones, where very fast cure speed is required. The low-odour characteristic improves user comfort.

TYPICAL CURING PERFORMANCE Typical Speed: Steel/steel <15 seconds ABS/ABS <5 seconds Rubber/Rubber <5 seconds Wood (balsa) <3 seconds

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS cyno is specially formulated for the bonding of plastics, rubbers, wood, metals and other common substrates. Recommended for use on assemblies with very close fitting parts and smooth, even surfaces. Can be used as a post-assembly adhesive to wick into parts.
50 gram
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