Sig Wonder KIT

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The Wonder is best described as a very fast, go-where-you-point-it, turn-it-quic...
Wonder Model Airplane
Wonder HOW it flies?

Wonder IF it flies?

Your first adrenalin-pumping, action packed, speed blurred Wonder flight will answer those questions in a big hurry!

Build any one of these four versions from the same premium quality SIG kit!

C`mon, shake things up and take a walk on the wild side of sport flying.
Fly a Wonder!


SIG Easy Hinges
Hardware Pack
Full Size Plan
Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual

Simple Balsa/Plywood Construction
Hardwood Landing Skid
Engine Mounts

The Wonder is not recommended for beginners or the faint of heart. It's FAST!
Wingspan: 37.5 in 953 mm Wing Area: 338 sq in 21.8 dm² Flying Weight: 26 - 38 oz 737 - 1075 g Wing Loading: 11.1 - 16.2 oz/sq ft 34 - 49 g/dm² Radio Required: (not included) 2-Channel (aileron, and elevator), 3-Channel (aileron, elevator, and throttle) Engine Required: 2-Stroke .09-.19 (1.5 - 3.1 cc) (not included)
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