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Seagull Challenger Kit

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Challenger kit
Not everyone wants to fly a ready made model.
Not everyone wants to have the same coloured model as someone else.
Not everyone wants to follow a trend.

Some people would like the pleasure of building and flying their own self built model.
Some people would like to inject some of their creativeness while building a model.
Some people just want to be different.

Seagull models are giving you the chance to build and create your very own masterpiece with their stunning series of Construction self build kits. Follow these 5 Cs and you cant go far wrong.
Choose a kit,
Choose your covering,
Choose your engine,
Choose your radio equipment,
Clear the building area,
Start your build.

Wingspan - 52.8ins. (1340mm)
Wing area - 542.5 sq.ins (3500 sq.cm)
Weight - 2.6 - 2.8kg
Engine - 40-46 2-Stroke. (52-61 4-Stroke)
Radio - 4 Channel with 5 servos
Flying Skill Level - Sports Trainer
Electric Conversion - Optional

What's In The Box

Laser Cut Ply & Balsa Wood Parts
High Quality Horns, Pushrods, Wheels, Spinner and accessories
Engine Mount & Fuel Tank
White Wood Glue
Full Size Plan
Decal Sheet
Sanding Block

What's in the box

Laser Cut Ply & Balsa Wood Parts
High Quality Horns, Pushr...
Wingspan: 52.8ins. (1340mm) Wing area: 542.5 sq.ins (3500 sq.cm) Weight: 2.6 - 2.8kg Engine: 40-46 2-Stroke. (52-61 4-Stroke) Radio: 4 Channel with 5 servos Flying Skill Level: Sports Trainer Electric Conversion: Optional
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