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Seagull Bristol M1C Monoplane ARTF

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Scale Model of the Bristol M1C Monoplane
Scale Model of the Bristol M1C Monoplane

The Bristol M.1 Monoplane Scout was a British Monoplane fighter of the First World War. it holds the distinction of being the only British Monoplane fighter to reach production during the Conflict.

During mid-1916, work commenced at Bristol on a new fighter aircraft as a provate venture, headed by aeronautical engineeer Frank Barnwell. In comparision to comtemporary efforts by other british manafacturers, such as Airco's DH.5, the emerging design was considered to be more radical, having adopted a hihly aerodynamic and clean monoplane configuration. It featured a carefully streamlined circular cross section fuselage built using conventional wood and fabric construction techniques to minimuse manufacturing difficulty.

The round type fuselage is built using formers and stringers over a rectangular crutch which is simple to build, yet gives the illusion of complex scale construction. The flying qualities are superb, slow, graceful flight and lazy aerobatics is where the bristol is at its best. We invite you to enjoy the flavour of a World War 1 model that flies great!

It is constructed of mainly laser cut balsa and light ply, and is finished with a Oracover film.

* High quality balsa and balsa plywood make for lightweight construction.
* Impressive scale outline including a pull-pull system
* Authentic trim scheme Covered in Genuine Oracover Film.
* Factory Painted Fibreglass Engine Cowl, comes with gun, scale spinner, vintage.
* Highly Detailed Cockpit with Light Weight Painted Pilot figure adds scale detail.
* Designed for gasoline or glow or electric power
* Wing transport frames included, comes with wing wires
* All necessary hardware included
Wingspan--------------- 71.0 in (180.0 cm). Wing area--------------- 859.0 sq.ins (55.4 sq.dm). Weight------------------- 12.1-12.8 lbs (5.5 kg). Length------------------- 45.8 in (116.3 cm). Engine/Motor size----- 20cc gasoline. Radio--------------------- 5 channels with 6 servos.
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