RBC Spitfire Kit MKI 1100mm

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Traditional builders kit

Including: cad drawing, Canopy
instructions and superb cad drawing
Wood build precision kit

It was originally made to fly with the speed 600 and Master Air screw 1:2,5 gear and
the 12x10 Graupner gear prop and spinner and 60mm mid piece.

Below is a brushless siggested set up:-

Needed to Complete (Not Included)

Tornado Thumper V3 3536/08 1050KV SKU2979
Overlander XP2 40A Brushless ESC - RTF - SKU 2723 SKU2723
Overlander 2900mAh 3S 11.1v 35C Supersport Deans Connector SKU2804
APC 9 x 6 Thin electric prop. E-LP09060E (4407485)
Elevator/rudder servo x 2 Hitec HS82MG Servo (2212160) 2212150
Aileron servo x 2 HS55 Servo (2212070) 2212060
Overlander D100 V2 AC/DC Dual Balance Charger / Discharger / Power Supply SKU331
Transmitter and receiver Combo
Covering such as Oratex
Also extension leads will be required around 300mm
Adhesives such as PVA or Cyno depending on preference
Modelling tools like knife, razor saw and mitre block, modelling pins, sandpaper etc.

Please note, U/C is not included with this kit, model can be modified as per pictures shown, parts are not included for this conversion
wing area: 22 dm2 wing span: 1100 mm weight : 1325 grams power : 8 x 2000ma motor: speed 600 8.4v Or similar - NOT INCLUDED
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