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RadioLink AT9S 10 Channel SBUS Computer Radio Set with Telemetry

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10 channel SBUS Radio Tx/Rx Combo - Mode 1 Thottle Right Stick
This is the all new RadioLink AT9S, simply the best value full featured computer radio in this price range, period!

If you are looking for a new transmitter that can handle the demands of our modern RC hobby, then the RadioLink AT9S has to be seriously condsidered. All aspects of Helicopters, Fixed Wing, Gliders, Boats, Cars and Multi-Rotors have been considered when designing the AT9S making it one of the most versatile transmitters on the market today. From its slick modern finish to the quality egonomic feel you will be surprised just how good this radio is.

Check out the feature list below and then consider the price, its going to be tough to find anything even close to the AT9S.


10 Channel Fully Programmable Computer Transmitter.
DSSS and FHSS Working simultaneously.
SBUS, PPM and PWM. Compatible will all the latest systems.
Quality Ball-Raced Gimbles
Ergonomic Modern Design.
USB port for Upgrades and Data Back-up.
Full On-Screen Telemetry (GPS Features enabled when used in Conjunction APM or Pixhawk etc.).
Quick & Simple Operation thanks to Humanized Design.
Multiple Vibrating Safety Alarms.
Helicopter Mode with all 120 and 90 degree swash types and mixes.
Fixed Wing Mode with all the popular wing mixes etc.
Glider Mode with all popular wing and tail servo mixes.
Multi-Rotor Mode includes special drone features for multiple flight modes etc.
User Programmable Mixes.
Universal Battery Support - Use Lipo/Life/Nimh or AA Alkaline cells. (Voltage alarm adjustable in settings)
Anti-Short Battery Connection - Standard JST battery fitting with reverse polarity protection.
High Efficiency Allows over 3 hour run time from a 1800mAh 3S Lipo.
Three 3-Way Switches
Five 2-Way Switches
Two Linear Knobs
Two Linear Sliders
Lightening Fast Response - 3mS for all 9 Channels in Parallel.
15 Model Memory Storage with USB back-Up for extra.

Whats in the Box?

The Latest RadioLink AT9S 10 Channel Transmitter
RadioLink R9DS 10Ch Telemetry Enabled S.BUS Receiver
RadioLink Transmitter Strap
Throttle Stick Hardware (To enable spring Centering of Throttle Stick)
Size: (TX) 183x100x193mm (Rx) 41x23x14mm Weight: 0.88Kg Frequency: 2.4Ghz Modulation Mode: QPSK Resolution: 4096 Channel Bandwidth: 5.0Mhz & 250Kbps Spread Spectrum: FHSS & DSSS Adjacent Channel Rejection: >38dbm Operating Current: 90mA @ 12V Operating Voltage: 7.4 to 18V Channels: 10 Model Modes: Helicopter, Multirotor (Drone), Fixed Wing, Glider, Car and Boat Simulator Mode: Tx runs in low power mode for long run times. LCD Display: Full Colour 2.8 Inch, 240x320px
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