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Precedent Stampe Biplane Kit

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Wing Span: 2080mm (82in), Fuselage Length: 1720mm (68in), 4 Channel, 70-90 2 Str...
This 1/4 scale kit of the SV4B has been revised and now includes the following. The main fuselage formers and U/C Plate are made from 6mm Birch for added strength. Other parts are CNC routered and laser cut. Nylon bolts retain the wings through these blocks. The lower wings are retained with locating dowels & wing bolts into the fuselage. The outer cabanes are retained with quick links top & bottom. The front cowl is moulded plastic, there is plenty of room for practically any engine, including the larger petrol engines or big 4 strokes. Box includes instruction book and rolled full size plans, beautifully drawn, giving all the detail necessary. All the linkage accessories are included. Hinges horns & links, pre-formed cabane stuts and wire U/C included.

Items Required Minimum 4 Channel Radio with 5 high torque servos (if using a 4 channel system a Y lead will be required), suitable engine, fuel tank, 5" (127mm) wheels, engine Mount, covering, adhesive and general building/finishing materials.
Wing Span: 2080mm (82in), Fuselage Length: 1720mm (68in), 4 Channel, 0-90 2 Stroke / 91-120 4 Stroke or 26cc Petrol
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