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Overlander XP2 50A Brushless ESC

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Overlander XP2 50A Brushless ESC (XT60)

This series of speed controllers have high technology and perfect function. Aiming at none-hall direct current brushless motors, they can set several parameters through program card or key on ESC and are convenient to use.
XP2 50A Brushless speed controller features
? Full protection feature including low voltage, over-heat, throttle signal lost, startup protection and self-check.
? Compatible with most sensor less brushless motors.
? Excellent startup performance, great throttle linear and quick throttle response.
? Support highest motor speed 210,000RPM (2 poles), 70,000RPM (6 poles) and 35,000(12 poles).
? Easy configured with program card.
? System can automatically detect throttle neutral point.
? 3 timing modes can match different motors.
? 3 modes of start force adjustment.
? Governor mode for heli
? Reverse motor direction

SPECIFICATION ► Low resistance PCB ► Input Voltage: Support 2-4 cell Li-Po, 5-12 Nimh ► Continue current: 50A, (Burst max 70A 10 secs) ► BEC output: 3A/5V ► Dimensions: 60x28x8 mm ► Weight: 38g ► Blue Motor Wire 14AWG ► Red and Black Battery Wire 12AWG Manufacturers recommend Servo numbers to be limited to 1 servo per 1A of BEC. At Overlander we say you should consider a separate RX pack or uprated UBEC when using 4 servos or more
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