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OS Engine MAX 46AXII w/E-3071 Silencer

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OS 2 Stoke glow powered engine
Designed to succeed the original 46AX, the new 46AX MkII retains the same mounting dimensions, but O.S. have updated the styling to bring it into line with the current range of AX engines. That means the introduction of the highly efficient and unique cooling fins to keep temperatures under control while the precision carburettor, with its angled needle valve keeping fingers safely away from the propeller disc, offers the linear response across the entire rpm range that you would expect from O.S. Optimised to produce its power at low rpms - and thanks to the highly effective 'Powerbox' silencer - the engine produces even less noise too.

Simple, side-exhaust design.
Power Box muffler features a squared-off shape for easier fits in more cowls.
40K carburetor has high- and low-speed needles, plus a mixture adjustment screw. Tighter tolerances between the piston and ABL create a tighter compression seal and improved power.
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft lowers friction and wear.
Head automatically centers and levels itself - and snugs down with just 4 screws.
Subtly tapered low-end needle eliminates surging at transition, ensuring smooth,
controllable power across the rpm range.
Updated liner ports and a ball-milled inlet port minimize turbulence and promote better fuel/air mixing.
Minimizes "creep" and resets with seals on both needles and a ratchet spring on the high-speed needle. A rotor guide screw eliminates spring-related movement, too.
Includes a lock nut and a longer crankshaft with more thread length to ensure better
prop nut engagement and greater pilot safety.
Includes glow plug, muffler, cable extension and warranty.
The ABL (Advanced Bi-Metallic Liner) includes one layer for better bonding, and another to reduce wear and extend life.
A needle-valve extension cable and rear-angled high-speed needle maximum pilot safety and convenience.
A generously sized chamber and larger sound baffle help the Power Box muffler significantly reduce exhaust noise without compromising power. Rotatable exhaust outlet provides effective, no-cost finish protection.

Perfect for sports, aerobatic and scale applications.

Stock Number: OSMG0548 Displacement: 0.455 cu in (7.45 cc) Bore: 0.886 in (22 mm) Stroke: 0.772 in (19.6 mm) Practical rpm: 2,000-17,000 Output: 1.63 hp @ 16,000 rpm Weight w/Muffler: 17.1 oz (486 g) Engine: 13.3 oz (378 g) Muffler: 3.8 oz (108 g) Includes: 40K carburetor, needle valve extension cable, #6 glow plug & E-3071 muffler Requires: 5-20% glow fuel Recommended props: 10.5x6, 11x6, 11x7, 11x8, 12x6 & 12x7
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