Multiplex Elapor-Color - Black (satin)

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Satin Black Elapor Spray
Perfectly adherent and opaque colours for structural foam surfaces and ELAPOR models. New Formula

The new formulation significantly simplifies the process:
• Makes perfect matt/satin surfaces
• Fast drying
• Excellent opacity
• New recipe: no primer required
• Practical 400ml can at a reasonable price
• Also suitable for Depron and styrofoam models

EC - ELAPOR-COLOR is tailored to the unique needs of foam surfaces. A special primer function has been added to the new formulation, thus no additional primer is no longer required. Let your imagination run wild. The colour is characterized by its excellent coverage. The paint is scratch resistant and weatherproof! The paint also adheres to all common construction foams, whether on Depron and EPS.

The following processing instructions please note for optimal result:

Shake 2 minutes well before applying the paint can.

The spray head must be clean. Test first on a small or inconspicuous area suitable for spray testing.

400ml Spray
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