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Maisto Cyklone Attack Track vehicle

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Take the tank-like RC Tread Shredder out for a spin and dominate any tough terrain
Let nothing stop your RC adventures as you push through obstacles with the mighty tread shredder. This remote control vehicle features a pair of tank-like treads, giving it the best grip and traction of any RC vehicle in our collection! Watch it power over tough ground with ease, even dominating steep slopes of up to 45 degree angles without any problem at all. The track-based movement gives you a huge level of control over the vehicle too, allowing for precision movement through the trickiest of terrains. There's even a working light positioned just above the cockpit, allowing you to light the way as you go.

Tank-like RC vehicle Moves on two tracks with thick rubber treads Perfect for off road Can climb 45 degree slopes Working roof light Requires 6 x AA batteries Approx. 18cm long
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