Lightcraft Magnetic LED Work Light

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• 24 COB LEDs producing 5000 - 6000K light
• Foldable design with magnetic base
• Built-In rechargeable battery
Lightcraft Magnetic LED Work Light

A robust foldable lamp with five light settings, magnetic base & ergonomic design.

This compact LED lamp provides portable cool, shadow free light. Ideal for automotive and repair work, camping, hiking and as an emergency torch. Serves as both a powerful strip light and a directional torch.


• 24 COB LEDs producing 5000 - 6000K light
• Energy efficient & sustainable, using only 3W
• COB LEDs never need replacing & generate less heat
• 5 settings provide soft & bright white light, flashlight, red light & SOS mode
• Shadow free, cool light that cuts glare and helps reduce eye strain and headaches
• Foldable design with magnetic base
• Portable & lightweight with textured handle and hook
• Built-In rechargeable battery
• Run time up to 12 hours
• Includes 1m USB cable for charging


Lightcraft offers a great value range of fluorescent and LED daylight magnifier lamps. The range includes, table lamps, long reach & task lamps, headband magnifiers and lightboxes.

The fluorescent daylight tubes allow you to view colours accurately anytime day or night, as well as the smaller detail on objects. The tubes provide a consistent shadow free light source, are energy saving and have low heat emission which means that you can work for longer and in comfort. The new LED lamp will give you hours of natural energy efficient light, long reach and the option of extra magnification.

From occasional user to professional, Lightcraft has the product to suit your needs.
The users are wide and varied, including reading, writing & study, crafting & modelling, sewing & tapestry, jewellery making, electronics and light industrial work, airbrushing, nail art & filling, stamp collecting, painting and even smaller DIY tasks. The list goes on!

All Lightcraft products comply with EU quality standards.
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