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Kadet LT-40 kit

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When the first SIG KADET came out in 1972, it was the only airplane on the marke...
When the first SIG KADET came out in 1972, it was the only airplane on the market totally designed from the ground up for learning to fly R/C. It quickly became the airplane of choice for new R/C flyers at many model clubs! Since then, thousands of new pilots have successfully learned to fly R/C with a KADET!

"The R/C trainer with a BIG difference"

It's gentle flying characteristics made it a legend in its own time. This KADET LT-40 blends the perfect aerodyamics of the original SIG KADET with a more modern, simpler, and much faster building type of construction. Like all SIG KADETS, the KADET LT-40 behaves perfectly in flight, with true hands off stability on all axis. If the student pilot gets disoriented, simply let go of the control sticks and the LT-40 will recover itself and return to level flight within seconds.

Kadet LT-40 Model Airplane Because the LT-40 is bigger than the average .40 size trainer, it has a much lighter wing loading, which lets it fly slower! Slower speed gives the student pilot more time to think and react to what the model is doing, thus making it easier to learn to fly R/C.

This is the easiest building KADET kit yet! Every major part of this kit has been pre-shaped, sawn, die-cut, laser-cut, routed, or whatever it takes to make it ready-to-install right out of the box. A photo-illustrated assembly manual takes you through every step of construction and pre-flight. Kadet LT-40 Model Airplane

KIT FEATURES- The LT-40 includes these items that other trainer kits do not.

Fuel Tank
SIG Spinner
SIG Easy Hinges
Engine Mounts

Ultra-simple Lite-Ply Fuselage
Top Quality SIG Balsa, Plywood, and Spruce
Simple, Strong Wing design with Spruce Spars
CAD Drawn Plans for precise parts fit
Complete Hardware pack includes Control Horns,
Pushrods, Wheel Collars, etc.
Wingspan: 70 in 1778 mm Wing Area: 900 in² 58.1 dm² Length: 57 in 1447 mm Flying Weight: 5.5 - 6 lbs 2490 - 2720g Wing Loading: 14 - 15.5 oz/sq ft 43 - 47 g/m² Radio Required: 4-Channel with 4 Standard Servos (not included) Engine Required: (not included) 2-Stroke .40 - .46 cu. in. (6.5 - 7.5 cc), 4-Stroke .40 - .54 cu. in. (6.5 - 8.8 cc)
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