Compass Cutter

ATPWONZ Compass Circle Cutter is a lightweight yet sturdy tool that is designed for cutting perfect circles, from 10mm to 150 cm in diameter, in materials ranging from paper and thick cardboard to acetates and heavy rubber gasket material to plywood.

Cut round fast
There is a fixed center of the needle pin base, very sharp blade, thus avoiding the tang round knife drift in the cutting time, you can easily cut a circle, And cut round is also suitable for left and right hand.

1 item 2 use
You may sometimes need a compass, replace the blade with a pencil lead, it instantly from the round knife into a compass.

Intimate Design
The main yellow plastic is engraved with a double scale length (cm and feet). This will suit your habits.We have created a storage pavilion in the yellow main plastic(black lid), which is used to store the six blades and 2 pencils we donated.

Refuse to strain
Ratchet handle design greatly reduces wrist fatigue, to prevent wrist distortion or overwork. The black protective cover is able to cover the blade and the center pin when you are not using it. To avoid accidental injury.

Product Packaging:
1 x Cut round knife
1 x Protective cover
1 x Washer
6 x Spare blades
2 x Pencil lead
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