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1:72 UH-1H Iroquois

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1:72 UH-1H Iroquois

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois is a military helicopter powered by a single, turboshaft engine, with a two-bladed main rotor and tail rotor. The helicopter was developed by Bell Helicopter to meet the United States Army's requirement for a medical evacuation and utility helicopter in 1952, and first flew on 20 October 1956. Ordered into production in March 1960, the UH-1 was the first turbine-powered helicopter to enter production for the United States military, and more than 16,000 have been produced worldwide.

The first combat operation of the UH-1 was in the service of the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. The original designation of HU-1 led to the helicopter's nickname of Huey. In September 1962, the designation was changed to UH-1, but Huey remained in common use. Approximately 7,000 UH-1 aircraft saw service in Vietnam

Features highly detailed, injection-molded grey plastic parts, a detailed cockpit with pilot and instrument panel, plus two waterslide decal marking options.


Kasumigaura Flight School JGSDF
US Army Aviation Detachment in Japan

Aircraft Data

Crew: 2 pilots 14 soldiers
Main rotor diameter: 14.63 m
Torso length: 12.77 m
Total height (from the ground to the end of the main rotor shaft): 4.42 m
Engine: Lycoming Lyc. T53-L-13 1 unit
Output: 1,400 axis horsepower
Maximum speed: 204 km / h
Armor mounted on the aircraft: None
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