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Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B A02041A

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Airfix Hawker Typhoon Ib 1:72 Scale
By 1943 the RAF needed a dedicated ground attack fighter, and the Typhoon was suited to the role. The powerful engine allowed the aircraft to carry a load of up to two 1,000lb (454kg) bombs. From September 1943, Typhoons could also be armed with four, eight or in some cases even 12 "60lb" RP-3 rockets.

Despite its fearsome reputation as something of an airborne battering ram, you might think that pilots flying the mighty Hawker Typhoon might have chosen to embellish their aircraft with aggressive looking artwork, to further enhance its notoriety. In actual fact, it is thought that just one aircraft benefited from the addition of shark mouth nose artwork, even though it proved particularly effective on the front profile of the Typhoon.
Scale 1:72 Skill 1 Flying Hours 1 Number of Parts 74 Dimensions (mm) L134 x W174 Age Suitability 8+
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