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Traxxas Maxx 1/10 4WD VXL (TQI TSM No Battery No Charger) Blue - Ex-Display

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FOR INSTORE OLLECTION ONLY Traxxas 4s Brushless all terrain Monster Truck (Battery and Charger not included)
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The Traxxas X-Maxx forever changed the face of RC monster trucks. Its radical new design, massive size, brutal strength, and unmatched power transformed X-Maxx into the stuff of legends. There is really nothing else like it. until now. Meet the all-new 1/10 Traxxas Maxx. Maxx expertly packages X-Maxx's innovative design elements into a lighter, more compact, more ferocious beast that is ready to take speed and strength to new levels of extreme intensity. Let the fun begin!

The Maxx Experience

Extreme power. Extreme durability. Extreme fun! This is the foundation that the Maxx Experience is built upon. With a new Maxx platform that is smaller and lighter, Traxxas engineers took the speed to 60+ mph, tuned it for even higher performance, and doubled-down on strength and durability. Maxx is once again reshaping monster truck fun and excitement.

60+ MPH Maxx Muscle

Traxxas Velineon brushless power hits hard with massive 4s punch and effortless wheelies on demand. Maxx feels like an unstoppable force of nature as top speeds reach an awe-inspiring 60+ mph.** Advanced 32-bit microprocessor-control constantly monitors the output for efficient, long-running performance. The high-output 540XL motor features a beefy, 5mm shaft, aluminum heat sink, and a powerful fan. Of course it's all fully protected with Traxxas' innovative waterproofing.

Traxxas Tough

Maxx is engineered to withstand extreme punishment and intense driving action. Impact absorbing suspension arms soak up the hits with ease. The heavy-duty driveline components have been proven in vehicles larger and heavier than Maxx, so there is plenty of strength to spare. The Maxx chassis absorbs and dissipates impact energy across the entire structure. Huge threaded-aluminum GT-Maxx shocks with large diameter shafts manage suspension damping. Maxx invites you to explore new ways to drive hard and have fun!


VXL-4s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
Velineon 540XL Brushless Motor
55+ MPH out of the box using single 4S LiPo battery (sold separately)
60+ MPH with optional gearing and single 4S LiPo battery (sold separately)
Traxxas Stability Management helps prevents spinouts and loss of control and is adjustable from off to 100% assistance from the transmitter
TQi 2.4GHz High Output Radio System
Clipless Body Mount System eliminates body posts and clips
Full-time shaft-driven 4-wheel drive with Torque-Biasing Center Drive absorbs shocks and distributes power
Secure Motor Mounting System
New Modular Composite Chassis
Easy Battery Access
Heavy-Duty Steering Bellcranks and Servo
C-hub and steering block geometry maximizes steering angle
Full contact sealed bearings used throughout driveline
New GT-Maxx Shocks
Tough energy absorbing front and rear bumpers
Tough 2.8" wheels with keyed 17mm hex receptor and Large 5.5" all-terrain dual-diameter tyres

Detailed Features
New Wheels and Maxx Tyres
Maxx tyres features a unique tread pattern with multiple layers of biting edges for sure-footed traction on just about any surface. The heavy duty rubber compound is specially formulated to resist tearing and bonds exceptionally well with Traxxas' Ultra Premium tire glue. The 2.8" wheels have a large glue surface for bead mounting and utilise a 17mm hex mounting pattern with a flanged locknut.

Full Length Motor Cradle
Maxx uses a full length motor cradle to fully support the 540XL motor to eliminate gear-crunching flex. The innovative fixed gear mesh system precisely sets the gear mesh with fixed pins so you can focus on driving and having fun and never have to worry about gear mesh adjustment.

Shock Tower Design
Maxx's integrated shock towers are part of the chassis and produce a rigid, triangulated structure for secure mounting of the shocks and body. They also provide an authentic off-road look that fills in the wheel openings of the truck. Sometimes the landing after a jump does not go as planned, so the upper shock mounts are shrouded for protection against impacts and grinding.

Waterproof From the Start
Waterproofing our models has never been an afterthought at Traxxas. Patented Traxxas innovation seals out the water so that your playground is extended through water, snow, and mud. Dirty truck? Just hose it off. The new style box allows fast radio access without removal.

Maxx Steering Authority
The steering servo in Maxx is the same size as the steering servo used on the giant X-Maxx. With 285oz-in of torque, it has strength and power in reserve for fast response and incredible steering authority.

GT-Maxx Aluminium Shocks
The four extra-large bore, oil-filled GT-Maxx shocks provide super plush damping even on the roughest terrain. Extra-large diameter shock shafts move smoothly through the double X-ring seals for responsive damping. Machined aluminium bodies are threaded to adjust ride height while the lower spring retainers are captured by screws to keep them secure, even on the harshest landings.

Heavy Duty Suspension Arms
The Maxx's oversized double wishbone suspension arms maintain proper suspension geometry throughout the entire range of travel. Double-shear connections and extra-thick steel upper and lower tie bars provide incredible strength and impact resistance. Tough new composites further resist impact damage, even in cold weather.

Modular Chassis Design
The interlocking chassis design ties the shock towers, front and rear modules, and the main frame into a single rigid platform that is engineered to absorb and dissipate impact energy across the entire structure. Critical driveline, radio, and battery components are protected to keep Maxx off the workbench and out having fun. Strategically placed tool access has been thoughtfully put in place to make any needed maintenance or repairs a snap to perform.

Full Contact Sealed Bearings
Maxx utilises full contact sealed bearings throughout the driveline to keep out the grime and grit. Less downtime for cleaning and maintaining bearings equals more run time for the Maxx.

Shock-Absorbing Cush Drive
Traxxas' innovative Cush Drive uses a special elastomer damper to absorb driveline shocks at the spur gear for superior reliability. Because there is nothing to slip or adjust, Cush Drive provides instant acceleration and throttle control.

Torque-Biasing Centre Drive
Torque-Biasing Center Drive absorbs shocks to improve driveline durability. The center drive also distributes power to all four wheels for mind-bending four-wheel drive acceleration without the side effects of a typical center differential. Center differentials allow tires in the air to balloon uncontrollably, while the Torque-Biasing Center Drive allows wheelies off the line with seamless power distributed to all four wheels.

Aluminium Splined Driveshaft
A new thick-wall, heavy-duty, splined aluminum center driveshaft carries the power to the front and rear differentials. This heavy-duty driveshaft yields precise engagement, incredible strength, and smooth running.

Extreme-Duty Telescoping Driveshafts
Traxxas telescoping splined driveshafts benefit from years of Traxxas design evolution for durable, smooth-running performance you can count on. These extreme-duty driveshafts maximize suspension travel and steering angles to radically extend the Maxx performance envelope.

Steel Gear Differentials
The Maxx's 4-gear differentials are sealed and filled with heavyweight oil, which provides a limited-slip effect for maximum traction on loose surfaces. The reinforced differentials use the same design as E-Revo 2.0 along with 7mm output shafts. Large-pitch, large-diameter, steel ring and pinion gears are installed for ultimate reliability.

Whats in the Box?

Maxx, Ready-To-Race model
VXL-4s waterproof electronic ESC with telemetry
Quick Start Guide
TQi 2.4GHz radio system
High quality maintenance tools

Needed to Complete

Traxxas recommends a 4-cell 14.8V Power Cell LiPo battery for maximum performance. A 3-cell 11.1V LiPo battery will operate the vehicle with reduced performance. NiMH batteries are not supported.
Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 4s-capable charger is recommended for easy and fast charging performance.
AA Alkaline Batteries
Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter.

Length: 21.60 inches (549mm) Front Track: 14.50 inches (368mm) Rear Track: 14.50 inches (368mm) Ground Clearance: 1.92 inches (49mm) Weight: 9.7 lbs (4.4kg) Height (ride): 9.12 inches (232mm) Wheelbase: 12.96 inches (329mm) Shock Length: 4.89 inches (129.2mm) Tire Diameter: 5.51 inches (140mm) Wheels Diameter: 2.8 / 3.6 inches (71 / 91mm) Speed Control: Velineon VXL-4s Motor (electric): 540XL (2400 kV) Transmission: Single-Speed Overall Drive Ratio: 11.86 (24 / 50) Differential Type: Sealed, hardened steel bevel, limited slip Gear Pitch: Module 1.0 Chassis Structure/Material: Composite Modular Tub Brake Type: Electronic Drive System: Shaft-driven 4WD Steering: Double-shear bellcrank Radio System: TQi™ 2.4GHz Transmitter with TSM® receiver™ Servo: Torque: 285oz-in. Top Speed: 60+ MPH with 4S LiPo battery and optional gearing (sold separately) Skill Level: 4 Battery Tray: 162mm L x 45mm W x 43mm H Required Batteries: 4 “AA” (transmitter)
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