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SC21m Marine R/C ABC Engine

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2 stroke glow marine engine, water cooled head - no silenser

Outstanding performance, ballraced precision new improved Mkll series engines add up to more engine and more performance for your money. The SC factory have chosen to feature precision ABC piston/liner assemblies in 99% of their 2-stroke engines (the new 180 2-stroke is ringed). Once reserved only for close tolerance competition-class engines, the ABC set-up (although more demanding to manufacture), gives the best possible piston-to-liner fit during running, plus the ability to tolerate a wider range of fuel mixture settings. This gives better performance for the expert with easier handling and less risk of seizure - especially good news for the newcomer. SC 4 strokes are primarily ringed for the easier handling characteristics this gives 4-strokes. Additionally, every single engine is turned out with a twin ball bearing crankshaft so that each engine will continue to run smoothly throughout its life - the same as it did on day one. Quiet swivel outlet silencers are standard with all except heli and marine engines. New accurate twin needle carbs are standard with all engines and now feature inset idle needle with precision ground carburettor barrels.
Bore - 16.60 C.C. - 3.64 Crankshaft Thread - 1/4 UNF Piston - ABC Power (kW) - 0.55/17,000 R.P.M. - 2500-16500 Stroke - 16.00 Weight - 317g
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