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OS Engine O.S. MAX 18CVR-M

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OS 18 size Marine glow engine (non pull start)
Developed from the class-leading 18CV-R car engine and adapted for the marine environment, the 18CVR-M delivers a stunning 1.35PS and screams right on up to 32,000RPM. Internally, there is the characteristic O.S. 'ringless' piston/liner assembly and highly finished crankshaft and connecting rod. This all adds up to reliability and long life. The ideal horsepower upgrade from a 'standard' 12 or 15 size engine without any installation hassles. Supplied without flywheel.
Weight: 237.5g 8.38oz Displacement: 3.0cc 0.18cu. In. Bore: 16.0mm 0.629in. Stroke: 15.0mm 0.590in Power Output: 1.35PS@28000 RPM Practical RPM: 3000-32000
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