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Black Horse Hawker Typhoon 1B 33cc ARTF

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The Hawker Typhoon was probably one of the most underrated aircraft of WWII. The...
The Hawker Typhoon was probably one of the most underrated aircraft of WWII. The Germans had a different opinion, especially those in tanks caught in the Falaise gap!! The Typhoon destroyed most of the German armour in one fell swoop and contributed immensely to shortening the war and saving allied lives. Without tanks the Germans could not counter-attack.

The Black Horse Typhoon 1B is modelled on the only surviving example held in the RAF Museum in Hendon near London. She is totally built from CNC cut balsa and ply parts with additional GRP items like that huge cowl plus plastic mouldings. She is then covered in printed vinyl in authentic colours.

The Typhoon is notorious to model because of the very short nose. This has been compromised a little and extended to aid obtaining the correct CG without excess extra weight but she is still a Typhoon and care has been taken to keep everything else as scale as possible.

The Typhoon is supplied complete with the latest CNC machined air retract units and tough oleo legs. That wide track makes ground handling much easier than you would think and she copes well with grass surfaces.

Like the full size, she has split multi-section flaps to aid landing in tighter fields and they offer the right balance of drag and lift. The 'thick' wing section of the Typhoon and the limited taper also make slow speed flight very predictable and has no nasty tendencies. Like the real aircraft, this Typhoon has very 'solid' flight performance.

It is recommended to use a 30cc to 35cc petrol engine like the OS GT33 because of the high drag that Typhoons create. The majority of the muffler gets hidden inside the cowl, which is a nice change for a scale fighter, only the exhaust pipe protrudes.

Scale features include a very detailed cockpit and pilot, plus a full array of mega-aggressive rockets. No Typhoon would be complete without rockets!

Re-create your own Falaise gap down at the field and get a Black Horse Typhoon!

• Detailed Cockpit and Pilot
• CNC Construction
• Retracts and Oleos Included
• Rockets and Rails Included
Wingspan: 2000mm (78.74") Length: 1600mm (62.99") Weight: 7Kg (15.4 lb) Servos: 9 (Req.) Radio System: 8 Channel (Req.) IC Engine: 30 - 35cc Petrol (Rec.)
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