Plastic Kit Hasegawa 1:72 Scale EA-6B Prowler High Visibility HAE08

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1:72 EA-6B Prowler 'High Visibility'

The Northrop Grumman (formerly Grumman) EA-6B Prowler is a twin-engine, mid-wing electronic warfare aircraft modified from the basic A-6 Intruder airframe. The EA-6B has been in service with the U.S. Armed Forces from 1971 through the present, during which it has carried out numerous missions for jamming enemy radar systems, and in gathering radio intelligence on those and other enemy air defense systems. In addition, the EA-6B is capable of carrying and firing anti-radiation missiles (ARM), such as the the HARM missile. The aircrew of the EA-6B consists of one pilot and three Electronic Countermeasures Officers, it is not uncommon for only 2 ECMO's to be currently used on missions. From the 1998 retirement of the United States Air Force EF-111 Raven electronic warfare aircraft, the EA-6B was the only dedicated electronic warfare plane available for missions by the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Air Force until the fielding of the Navy's EA-18G Growler in 2009.

Decal Options:

VMAQ-2 MARINES, CY 160432, Playboy Bunny Logo, Star Insignia with Red Stripe
USS Midway NAVY VAQ-136, NF 160789, Star Insignia with Red Stripe, Armor Glove Insignia, Lightning Bolts

Skill Level 3
83 pieces
Age 14+

Plastic Model kit that will need paints and glues to complete.
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